Introducing BookPlayAR, the essential app for enjoying an audio photobook

Audio photobooks can add another dimension to any standard photobook product. Photobooks are a great way to ensure your favourite images are preserved and shared for future enjoyment.


Typically your photobook has a theme, whether it is documenting key moments for a milestone birthday, a wedding, or the amazing experiences and vistas of that special overseas holiday. Alternatively, if there is no overarching theme, many people simply compile their favourite family moments over the last calendar year.

But although pictures can indeed tell a thousand words, invariably there is more to the story than the pictures convey. So, what if it were possible to fill in those extra details and provide important context to an image: the interesting travel anecdote, the vows you exchanged at your wedding, the excitement of a special family moment . . .

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Say hello to BookPlayAR, the app that literally lets a picture tell a story, or play a soundtrack that transports you to another moment in time.

BookPlayAR allows you to scan an image and listen to the associated audio. Now, you can enjoy your photobooks in a whole new way. While they still look and feel exactly as they always have, the augmentation of audio takes your book to a whole new level.

Why You Need It

Consider the Possibilities for Audio Enhanced Photobooks

Children's Stories

Many people create their own bespoke story book for the special young people in their life, illustrated with drawings or photos. How can BookPlayAR add impact? . . . .

Read Your Own Story

Your special children’s book can be made even more special by attaching your own audio rendition of the story

Travel Books

Your holiday images will serve to remind you of all the incredible places and amazing experiences you encountered on your trip. How can BookPlayAR add impact? . . . .

Add a Soundtrack

By adding the ambient sounds that accompanied the image, you will be transported back in time to re-live those awesome moments.

Milestone Birthday

What better way to celebrate a milestone than with a photobook that serves to document their life's journey. How can BookPlayAR add impact? . . . .

Make it Personal

Quite commonly, a milestone birthday book will contain one or more dedications, or personal messages. These will carry so much more impact when delivered in the writer’s own voice.


A wedding photobook is the perfect record of the big day, from the preparations right through to the reception. How can BookPlayAR add impact? . . . . .

Keep Your Vows With Your Photos

There’s really no limit to what can be achieved by enhancing your wedding book with audio. Listen to your vows, hear key moments of the speeches, expand on your emotions and hopes for the future. What better keepsake!

Family History

What greater legacy to create for those that come after you than a book that captures the family's history. How can BookPlayAR add impact? . . . .

Hear the Family's Tales

It’s one thing to document the facts relating to the family’s story, but another thing entirely to capture the tales, anecdotes and myths, delivered straight from the mouths of those family elders.

Year in Review

Family yearbooks, or 12 months in a child's life are all worthy topics for a photobook, and sure to become family treasures. How can BookPlayAR add impact? . . . .

Snapshot the Thoughts

As well as capturing the moments in pictures, it makes perfect sense to capture the thoughts and emotions of those featured in the book. Years into the future, their voices will bring new life to old memories . . . .

Here’s How It Works

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Take a look at a few sample pages below from our inspiration book (40Mb), which is filled with ideas and examples of how BookPlayAR can be used for a variety of book types. To test it out and experience BookPlayAR first hand, simply download the free BookPlayAR app (available for iPhone, and Android). Most importantly, be sure to review the “Getting Started” tutorial on the app before using BookPlayAR to scan the QR code opposite. Then you can try scanning the test images on the thumbnails below. (Click on the page thumbnails below to enlarge them.) Download our Inspiration and Ideas book in PDF form (40Mb), and in the same way, you can display the pages on your screen (or print the pages) and try out the BookPlayAR app to experience a wider range of possibilities.

QR code
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The Forgetful Squirrel sample page
Lima parade

We can’t wait to see what audio enhanced projects you create!

Request Our Audio Setup Service

Take your photobook to the next level. Let us add extra enjoyment by associating your audio clips to your selected matching images.

Simply gather one or more image and audio pairs (a pair is one image and one corresponding audio file) and upload them to us for processing (following the instructions we will provide to you). The audio setup service is priced on a per “image-audio pair” basis. For pricing, please refer to the table below. To place an order for the the addition of audio to your photobook, simply reach out to us via the contact form below and we will email you instructions for supplying your images and audio. Then, once we have everything, we will email you an invoice that you can pay online. Finally, we will then proceed to configure your files for use with BookPlayAR and let you know when it is all completed.

Price (AUD) Audio Configuration Service Inclusions
$75 Setup, plus 5 audio/image pairs
$10 each additional 5-pack of audio/image pairs
Price (AUD) Optional Extras for Backup/Archive/Redundancy
$15 CD/DVD archive disk containing image/audio pairs (for safekeeping)
Ask for quote SD or MicroSD card containing image/audio pairs (for safekeeping)
$99 The ultimate backup solution: A hardcover case (black leather-look) containing just your images that have audio,
and your playable audio clips that can be heard on demand via the inbuilt speaker (no app or smartphone required!).
The images are printed on high quality 5 x 7 inch photo paper and held in protective plastic sleeves.
The hardcover case holds a maximum of 20 images with audio.

Pricing is based on image files supplied files in JPG format, and audio files supplied as MP3. However, a nominal surcharge may apply if format conversion is required (i.e. if files are not in JPG or MP3). We will advise if any such surcharges apply, prior to configuring your image-audio pair to work with the BookPlayAR app. Once your configured files are downloaded by the BookPlayAR app, they are stored locally on the device. However, included in your setup cost is 24 months of storage of your configured files on our server, as a temporary backup of your configured BookPlayAR files. During this period, the BookPlayAR app can download them again, if ever they are needed.

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